How Can a Properly Planned Diet Help You in Treating a Chronic Kidney Disease?

Our whole life turns upside down whenever we hear “kidney disease.” Our worst fears of lifestyle and diet changes come true. Hence, It is time to consult the Best Dietitian in Ludhiana for guidance. They help us in planning a diet according to our health condition.

There are a lot of things that hit us after we are diagnosed with kidney infections. Food consumption is one of those major concerns. Hence it is best to consult the best Dietitian for weight loss in Ludhiana. Their guidance has proven to be helpful to many people.

Does a planned diet make any difference to this disease?

Studies show that a well-planned diet for kidney diseases can improve the health condition in the following ways:

  • Delaying dialysis
  • better kidney maintenance
  • Lowers stress and confusion among patients.

Some studies have further proved that diet therapy has more effects than ARB medications for blood pressure. People who still need dialysis despite undergoing diet therapy have many long-lasting effects, like decreased chances of mortality.

When Should You Visit a Dietitian for Diet Therapy

You should visit the dietitian if any of these five events occur. These events are:

  1. Freshly Diagnosed Kidney Disease
  2. Lower kidney functioning
  3. High levels of potassium or phosphorous
  4. High blood pressure levels
  5. If you are highly doubtful of your situation.

Importance of Nutritional Diet Therapy for CKD Patients

Diet therapy helps CKD patients in a lot of ways. Avoiding foods rich in sodium, phosphorous, and potassium can help them delay or prevent the need for dialysis and other conditions. This diet also helps these patients in balancing salt and minerals in the blood, which was supposed to be done by the kidneys. 

Your dietitian knows the importance of understanding the body to prepare the diet. They know how much calories, fats, proteins, and liquids can affect patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

With the advancement in CKD, nutritional needs change. Your choice of food will be made more carefully. 

Importance of knowing nutrients for CKD patients

CKD patients tend to eat less as the food doesn’t taste the same. They also lose much weight in the process. If the weight loss is too much, the chances of them falling sick are higher. For these people, knowing essential nutrients are important for their well-being. 

Calories need to be provided to them in the right amount, given their lower food intake. Getting enough calories from nutritious sources will do good for them.

Protein maintains the bones, muscles, internal tissues, internal organs, and blood. After getting used in the body, protein breaks down as a waste which should be removed by the kidneys from the blood. Hence limited protein intake is the best thing for these patients.

Fat is important for energy and body functioning. But excess and wrong fat can lead to build-up in the heart, kidneys, and liver. CKD patients are also at risk of heart disease. Hence fat intake should also be at a limit.Hence, CKD patients need to undergo diet therapy planned by the best Nutrition Doctor in Punjab to avoid further complications.

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