Want to Regain Your Eyesight? Here are Eight Best Nutrients You Can Have To Maintain Your Eye Health

The eyesight plays an important role in our life. It gives us the opportunity to enjoy things on a visual front. People learn and grasp things quickly by seeing them happening.

Sometimes our eyesight gets weak, or we lose it due to some conditions. If we face this, we need to consult the best surgeon for Cataract Surgery in Jalandhar. They have helped many people gain eyesight with their knowledge and precision.

We have a list of nutrients and foods rich in these nutrients essential for eye care.

First of all, you need to know diseases and conditions detrimental to our eyesight, such as:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Dry Eye Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration

Nutrients That are Essential for Good Eyesight

  1. Vitamin A: vitamin A contains rhodopsin, a protein that allows us to see in low light conditions. Lack of vitamin A can lead to blindness. Kale, spinach, and carrots are great sources of vitamin A. 
  2. Lutein: This nutrient protects our eyes from blue rays. Its intake is proportional to lutein levels in your eyes. Foods like spinach, swiss chard, kale, parsley, pistachios, green peas, egg yolk, and liver are rich in this nutrient. You should consume this nutrient with fats like avocado, healthy food oils, and vegetable salad.
  3. Zeaxanthin: This nutrient is seldom found with lutein. Like lutein, zeaxanthin is also essential in blocking the sun from your eyes. Chances of macular degeneration are lowered by the intake of lutein and zeaxanthin. spinach, kale, swiss chard, parsley, pistachios, green peas, egg yolks, sweet corn, and red grapes are rich in nutrients and lutein. 
  4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: EPA and DHA are two types of omega-3 acids essential for the eyes. The latter is found in high levels in the eyes and is essential for your eye functioning. DHA deficiency can lead to loss of vision among children. People with dry eye vision have benefitted from omega-3 supplements. These acids help in avoiding the risk of diabetic retinopathy.
  5. Gamma-Linolenic Acid: This acid, a part of omega-6 acids, is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It lowers the symptoms of dry eye disease. This acid is found in primrose oil and starflower oil.
  6. Vitamin C: This vitamin provides essential antioxidants to your eyes. Aqueous humor is a fluid that fills the outermost part of your eye. Vitamin C has the highest concentration of this liquid. The chances of cataracts are lowered with vitamin C. Citric fruits, bell pepper, guava, kale, broccoli, etc, are rich in vitamin C.  
  7. Vitamin E: It is a group of fat-soluble antioxidants protecting fatty acids from dangerous oxidization. Good eye health requires higher levels of this vitamin. Lack of vitamin E results in blindness. Almonds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed oil, etc, are great sources of this Vitamin E.
  8. Zinc: This nutrient is an essential component of enzymes acting as antioxidants. Zinc is helpful in lowering the development of macular degeneration in old age. Oysters, meat, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts are rich in zinc.


Eye care is essential for our vision. Making lifestyle changes can benefit us by retaining perfect and unproblematic eyesight.

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